ELIZABETH ATZBERGER          Curriculum Vitae
70 Jefferson St, Brooklyn NY 11206
lizatzberger@gmail.com       lizatz.com

       Master of Fine Arts
Painting and Drawing: Tyler School of Art, Temple University, 
Including participation in the Rome Art and Culture    Seminar, summer 2005, Temple University, Rome Italy
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Painting: The Ohio State University 2002
       With Distinction, Magna Cum Laude
Exchange Study in Printmaking
Norwich School of Art and Design,
Norwich, England, January-April 2001
      Renaissance Style Figure Painting Workshop,
Art Academy of Florence,
Italy, Summer 1998


 Instructor, Foundations and 2D Studies, 2009-2012

Visiting Assistant Professor, Foundations 2006-2009
Florida Atlantic University, Department of Art and Art History, Boca  Raton, FL.
Graduate Painting :  Spring 2012
Advanced Painting:  Spring 2009 | Spring 2012
Painting One:  Spring 2008 | Fall 2011
Intermediate Painting:  Spring 2010 | Spring 2011
Senior Seminar: Spring 2011
Drawing One: Fall 2006, 2 sections | Spring 2007 | Fall 2007 | Spring  2008 | Fall 2008, 2 sections | Fall  2011, 2 sections. | Spring 2012
Figure Drawing:  Fall 2006, 2 sections | Spring 2007 | Fall 2007 | Spring 2008 |  Spring 2009 | Spring 2010 | Fall 2010
Color Fundamentals:  Spring 2007 |  Spring 2010 | Fall 2010
2D Design :  Summer 2007 | Fall 2008 | Fall 2010,  2 Sections |Spring  2011 | Fall 2011

This Assignment also included serving on graduate review
committees, training and supervision of Graduate Teaching
Assistants and working closely with graduate students in informal
and formal critiques.  Departmental service in the form of faculty meeting attendance and foundations curriculum development was
ongoing.  Further duties included oversight of studio facilities,
academic advising, and involvement in curricular and departmental development as well as independent academic research.

Julian Krinsky Programs at Haverford College, Haverford, PA.
Taught pre-college classes in sculpture, painting and drawing. Summer  2005
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Tyler School of Art,
Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Department, Elkins Park, PA.     
Intermediate Drawing, Spring 2004,
Advanced Drawing, Fall 2004                          

Art Instructor, Tyler School of Art, Pre College Saturday Classes,    Elkins Park, PA. Taught beginning drawing.

Selected Exhibitions

Heroes, Curated by Julie Torres, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY,  Sept 14-October 11
Hypercolor, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY, February 18-March 20

What I Know,  Curated by Jason Andrew, NYCAMS, Feb 15-Mar 16.

Cult Logic, Airplane, Brooklyn, NY, January 15-28

Faculty Biennial, Florida Atlantic University, Schmidt Gallery, Oct. 1-Nov 12 2011, Boca Raton, FL

      Art Aspen, Lesley Heller Workspace,
      August 6-8, 2011.
      Meet Me At The Market
      curated by Austin Thomas at The Historic Moore Street Market, in conjunction with Bushwick Open Studios,  Brooklyn NY
      June3-July5 2011.
      New Monuments 
      Curated by Ben Godward
      Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, NY.
      April 8-May 10, 2011
         2010 Double Down: Liz Atzberger and Lacey Fekishazky
Curated by Daina Higgins
Fort Useless, Brooklyn, NY
November 12 2010-January 8 2011
Cocktails and Dreams
The Laundromat Gallery, Brooklyn NY
October 22, 2010
ARTcamp  Studio Residency Exhibition
New York Studio Gallery
New York, NY
July 7-August 28, 2010
Re/Producing Complexity: Raúl Perdomo and Liz Atzberger
ARTlab 33, Miami FL
June 12-July 15, 2010
“Colorblind” aka “Aquiescence”
  set and costume design for a dance performance
  choreographed by Andrea Shelley,
  O Dance Company, Duncan Theater, West Palm Beach, Fl.  Feb  6,  2010
  Ongoing Flat File Exhibition, The Laundromat Gallery
      Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Kevin Curran
      December 1, 2008-present
Faculty Biennial
Schmidt Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fl
      November 22, 2009-January 24, 2010
                                                  2009  “Zipscape”at 10’x10’
  Site Specific Installlation Exhibition
  Curated by Kara Walker Tome
      Lake Worth, Fl, Nov 21 2009
                                        Liz Atzberger and Takashi Matsumoto
The Laundromat Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
September 19, 2009
Nexus: Science+ Art
The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, Fl. April 2009-2010
2008 Paperworks: On and Of Paper
      University of West Florida Gallery
      December 2008-January 2009
      Juried by Molly Smith
Showtel 2008
Curated by Kara Walker-Tome
Hotel Biba, West Palm Beach, FL, April 26, 2008
New Talent
Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL, March 20- May 1, 2008
In Light
Junto Gallery, 345 Eldert St., Brooklyn, NY
December 21, 2007-January 3, 2008
Masters Mystery Show
The Ritz Carlton Miami Beach, Florida International University,
Miami Beach, FL.  Took place during Art Basel Miami Beach,
Dec 5-9, 2007
      Clusterflux: Organizing by Trial, Error and Intuition
Works by Liz Atzberger and Chad Shepherd, Skylab Gallery,ˆ  Colum bus, OH, July 2007.
    2007               Visual Noise: Contemplative Cacophony
Curated by Kris Andersen,
UMC Gallery, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO,
April 23-June 3, 2007
     2005           Tyler MFA Juried Exhibition
The Icebox, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA
May, 2005
*Smooth Over Everything (solo exhibition)
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition
Temple Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
    March 30- April 4, 2005
                 2004       *Liz Atzberger, Paintings (solo exhibition)
Curated by Steve Stelling,
The Ohio Art League Gallery, Columbus, OH, June 1-26, 2004
Tyler MFA Juried Exhibition
The Icebox, Philadelphia, PA,  May, 2004
*Elizabeth Atzberger  (solo exhibition) 
2002 Tracie McGarity Interiors, Columbus, Ohio, May, 2002
      *Continental (solo exhibition)
BFA Honors Thesis Exhibition, The Continent, Columbus, OH
February 12-26, 2002
Printmaking Exhibition,
R.K. Burt Gallery, 57 Union St, London SE1, England

Artist’s Residencies  ARTcamp Studio Residency and Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery, July 7-August 27 2010.

Awards and Honors Rome Art and Culture Fellowship
Temple University 2005
Project Completion Grant
                    Thesis Funding, Temple University, 2005
Graduate Assistantship
Tyler School of Art, 2004
BFA With Distinction, Magna Cum Laude
The Ohio State University, 2002
Honors Society Phi Kappa Phi
Honors Thesis Funding Grant
The Ohio State University Honors Program, 2001
Edith Fergus Gilmore Artist's Grant
  The Ohio State University 1998, 1999, 2000
Edith Fergus Gilmore Travel Grant
The Ohio State University, 2001
National Merit Foundation Scholarship
"Distinguished Scholar"
Full Tuition Scholarship for National Merit Scholars
The Ohio State University,1997-2001
Battelle Corporation “Leaders of Tomorrow”
Full Tuition Scholarship 1997-2001


Itch Magazine, digital edition 3,  “$: Creative Currencies and False Gods”, March 2009, reproduction of painting entitled “Visa”.

Co-Curator  Co-Director

AIRPLANE gallery  an artist run gallery space in Bushwick,

  Brooklyn,with Lars Kremer and Kevin Curran.  More information can be found atairplaneunderbushwick.com

Exhibitions Curated 

      New Brooklyn Collage
      AIRPLANE gallery at Salon Zurcher, Paris, France
      Plein Air,  a two part exhibition at AIRPLANE gallery, Brooklyn  NY and concurrently at Bushwick Basel. Co-curators

        Lars Kremer   and Kevin Curran.
      Blind Spot, inagural exhibition at AIRPLANE gallery, Brooklyn  NY, Co-curators Lars Kremer and Kevin Curran.

Selected Bibliography
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Artblog 15 April, 2005

     Starker, Melissa.“Magnetic Attraction, Review of Liz Atzberger,
Paintings”at The Ohio Art League Gallery, Columbus Alive,
16 June 2004.

Professional Experience
      Art Handler
ARTEX Fine Art Services
Philadelphia 2005-2006

Artist Lecture

Liz Atzberger, Artist’s Lecture
      In conjunction with the Faculty Biennial
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton Fl, October 17, 2007

Exhibition Juror
      Back to Basics: Exploring Natural Materials
      Gallery RFD, Swainsboro, GA. November 8- December 6, 2008
Florida Atlantic University Student Exhibition at Edge Zones Art Fair, Miami, Florida. December 6-10, 2007

Professional Panels
      “Undergraduate Research in the Visual Arts: Best Practices from        the Studio Arts and Their Application Across Disciplines," 
      presentation at  theFlorida Statewide Symposium on Engagement        in Undergraduate Research 2011, with Assosciate Professor Amy        Broderick. 
“Foundations Art Spaces:  Cultivating our Foundations Communities on the Web”
FATE Confluence 2009, Portland Oregon
Panel Co-Chair with Assosciate Professor Amy Broderick

© 2015 Liz Atzberger 

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