Elizabeth Atzberger - Modern Artist 

Elizabeth Atzberger, aka Liz Atz, was born in Columbus, Ohio. She has a BFA from the Ohio State University and an MFA from Tyler School of Art. She currently lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Elizabeth Atzberger, aka Liz Atz, is an artist, curator, and educator who teaches at Pace University, Pratt, and SUNY Old Westbury. Atz uses traditional art materials as well as those of consumer culture, low fashion, industrial castoffs and simple science experiments in her paintings, installations, and photographs. For the Substance exhibit at Pace University, Atz will create a site-specific installation in the window over the course of a 3-week residency, exploring the possibilities of chitosan bioplastics as a replacement for petroleum-based plastics in art, design and material science applications. 

Born in Columbus Ohio, Atz currently lives and works in Brooklyn NY. She has a BFA in Painting from the Ohio State University, and an MFA in Painting from the Tyler School of Art. From 2011-2014, she was a co-director and co-curator of AIRPLANE gallery in Bushwick. She has had solo exhibitions at R. Jampol Projects (NY) and Solos Project House (NJ) and also been included in many solo exhibitions at venues including Momenta Art (NY), 56 Mixtape (NY), and Outpost Artist Resources (NY).



Master of Fine Arts
Painting and Drawing: Tyler School of Art, Temple University


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Painting: The Ohio State University


Instructor, Foundations and 2D Studies, 2009-2012

Visiting Assistant Professor, Foundations 2006-2009
Florida Atlantic University, Department of Art and Art History, Boca  Raton, FL.
Graduate Painting :  Spring 2012
Advanced Painting:  Spring 2009 | Spring 2012
Painting One:  Spring 2008 | Fall 2011
Intermediate Painting:  Spring 2010 | Spring 2011
Senior Seminar: Spring 2011
Drawing One: Fall 2006, 2 sections | Spring 2007 | Fall 2007 | Spring  2008 | Fall 2008, 2 sections | Fall  2011, 2 sections. | Spring 2012
Figure Drawing:  Fall 2006, 2 sections | Spring 2007 | Fall 2007 | Spring 2008 |  Spring 2009 | Spring 2010 | Fall 2010
Color Fundamentals:  Spring 2007 |  Spring 2010 | Fall 2010
2D Design :  Summer 2007 | Fall 2008 | Fall 2010,  2 Sections |Spring  2011 | Fall 2011

This Assignment also included serving on graduate review
committees, training and supervision of Graduate Teaching
Assistants and working closely with graduate students in informal
and formal critiques.  Departmental service in the form of faculty meeting attendance and foundations curriculum development was
ongoing.  Further duties included oversight of studio facilities,
academic advising, and involvement in curricular and departmental development as well as independent academic research.

Julian Krinsky Programs at Haverford College, Haverford, PA.
Taught pre-college classes in sculpture, painting and drawing. Summer  2005
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Tyler School of Art,
Painting, Drawing and Sculpture Department, Elkins Park, PA.     
Intermediate Drawing, Spring 2004,
Advanced Drawing, Fall 2004                          

Art Instructor, Tyler School of Art, Pre College Saturday Classes,    Elkins Park, PA. Taught beginning drawing.

Selected Exhibitions



Heroes, Curated by Julie Torres, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY,  Sept 14-October 11
Hypercolor, Small Black Door, Ridgewood, NY


What I Know,  Curated by Jason Andrew, NYCAMS, Feb 15-Mar 16.

Cult Logic, Airplane, Brooklyn, NY, January 15-28

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